When the late fall and winter is upon them, most folks will turn to their central heat system to keep their home warm and toasty. There could be some parts of the house where the heat just doesn’t warm a room up enough, or you could be needing some heat in another area, like the garage.

This is where a space heater would come in. Space heaters are an amazing way to heat up a room and help keep you warm. Unfortunately, space heaters also come with risks that you should know about so you can make sure you are using your space heater safely.

Risk of Fire

Space heaters can carry a risk of fire when being used if not used correctly, or left unattended. In fact, space heaters that are left unattended or placed in a bad spot are responsible for up to 15 percent of total house fires.

To mitigate this risk, always make sure you are around when your space heater is running and never leave it running when you’re not in the room. You should also ensure it is placed up to six feet away from things like loose clothing articles, bedding, and furniture, as these are all items that could easily catch fire if left too close to the heater.

Look For Safety-Approved Heaters

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Did you know you can find space heaters that come with some additional protections built in to reduce the risk of fire and shock? Many space heaters made these days come with a built in thermostat and overheating protection, so the unit will detect if it is getting too hot and shut itself down if so. This way, you can run your heater without worrying about it overheating, but you should still be sure to keep an eye on it to be sure.

If you want to make sure your outlets are safe enough to support a space heater or if you have any other questions about space heater and electrical safety, get in touch with your local residential electrical inspections fort smith professional, who will be happy to give your home a look over and answer any questions you may have.