Do I Need My Back Molars?

If this is a question you are pondering, then the chances are high that you recently learned you’re going to have to have one of your molars extracted. Trying to get as much information possible in the time leading up to your procedure is perfectly normal, and there is nothing wrong with seeking information over such an important procedure.

Thankfully, dentists are very well informed on oral health, and if your dentist is recommending that one of your molars be extracted, there is probably a very good reason for it that is integral to you maintaining great oral health. So, before you visit your molar extraction sarasota professional to have your extraction performed, go ahead and brush up on some of the following information about your molars, and how an extraction will affect your mouth.

All About Molar Extractions

One of them most important things you should remember when it comes to your back molars is that it is very common for adults to end up having them pulled. This can be for many reasons, often due to decay of the tooth, an infection, gum disease, or damage to the tooth. Whatever the reason is for you having your molar removed, your next thought might be whether or not you should consider replacing it with an implant.

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This part is up to you, and would be purely for aesthetics, since your back molars don’t really have much of an effect on how your smile looks. Because of this, you might consider skipping replacing it with an implant, which could save you thousands of dollars. You should talk this over with your dentist and see what he or she thinks, as missing a tooth can often result in bones losing density.

Always make sure you ask your dentist for their input before you make a final decision, as they can offer invaluable opinions that you might not have thought of before.