A Guide to Checking for Ticks

Ticks can be an unwelcome nuisance, making many people feel grossed out at the very sight of them. However, they are heavily present in many areas across the United States, making them something you should look out for. Ticks will bite unsuspecting animals and humans and can appear in several places, including in your home or yard.

Inspect Pets

Owners of pets may notice that their pets have been bitten when they are grooming or petting the animal and feel a very small bump on them. Animals should be checked often for ticks, especially during times when they are most active in your area. You can aim to prevent tick bites on pets by using residential tick control navarre techniques, but sometimes tick bites are unavoidable.

If your pet has been bitten, use tweezers to carefully remove the tick and then drop it into a cup of rubbing alcohol to kill it.

Inspect the Home

Ticks can grab onto pet fur and clothing, hitching a ride into your home. There are several places to look in the home, including:

·    Pet Bedding: The areas your dog spends a lot of time in should be checked often, including their bedding and crate. Look in the corners of dog beds and ensure that they are free of ticks.

·    Furniture: Furniture that has cloth or upholstery covering it should also be checked regularly, as ticks may hide in between the folds, tufts, and cushions of furniture.

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·    Doors & Baseboards: Ticks are capable of crawling into the home through doors as well as windows, so these areas will need to be checked often as well. Baseboards can be a hiding place, too.

Ticks can hide in several places, but you can get rid of them by taking tick control measures and checking the home, pets, and yourself often.